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Korean BBQ Dinner

Tonight we spoiled ourselves with some Korean bbq. I swear, I can't get enough of samgyupsal! :P This is not helping with my new and somewhat improved diet. Anthony got the kalbi AND naengmyun. Can you say "fatty??" Geez, he was definitely taking advantage of this dinner outing with friends. Hahaha. Our friends had the daeji bulgolgi which they loved! ( I steered them out of their typical "safe zone" which is the regular bulgolgi dish.)

We stuffed our faces to the max! We came home smelling like garlic and soju. Ahhh, smells like home, no? :D

**Sorry for the grainy picture quality. We were using Anthony's old camera because mine ran out of battery juice. :(


  1. Mmmm- BBQ anything is delicious. Haha.

    And I feel ya' on the dining with friends cutting in on good eating habits. xD At least the company was good~.

  2. I love Korean barbecue, everything looks so good! Great blog!

  3. Never knew you could get galbi like that state side.

  4. Yeah, I was so excited when I found a Korean restaurant that served Korean bbq! They're around sprinkled here and there.....It;s more common to find them in California.

  5. Wait, the impressive thing wasn't even the Galbi, it was the Naengmyun. Well what do I know. I'm from the middle of Michigan. My town only had one Korean restaurant, now there is a Japanese style sushi place that is owned by Koreans. Chicago's got a pretty big Korea town, and last year I went to NYC and saw a bunch of Korean restaurants...but I wasn't about to eat in a Korean place cuz I was on my vacation from Korea. When you live in Korea for a few years, time spent stateside is best spent shoving your face with meat and interesting beers.

  6. That's funny that you mentioned that. Koreans own more Japanese restaurants than Korean. ?? What is up with that, right? :(

  7. Well the the place in my town has 돌솥 비빔밥, and 매운탕 (The mae oon tang really wasn't very good.) But yeah, I agree it'd be nice if you could see more Korean restaurants. Pretty much the biggest difference between Korean and Japanese sushi is the use of 초장. I love cho jang. It was an acquired taste, but I don't even mess around with the soy sauce/wasabi mixture anymore. Although I do enjoy 초밥 (I forgot what that is called in Japanese but that is the gob of raw fish on a piece of rice.)

    A real good Korean sushi experience is to just go to a coastal town like Seokcho, Busan, or Samcheonpo and just buy the fish right at the market. I live in Jinju which is just north of Samcheonpo. There is a small fish market. Above it is a restaurant. You just go up to one of the fish mongers, choose the fish you want, they cut it up and then send it upstairs all piled up on a plate. It isn't very pretty like Japanese sushi, but it's dirt cheap. They just charge you the cost of the fish. The place makes money by selling beer and soju.


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