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Korean toothbrush holders

In a korean bathroom you'll find majority of the time the shower curtain "missing." The water from the shower is actually meant to spray out onto the floor which then pours into the drainage (which is already installed in the middle of the floor, so nothing you can do about it.) To protect the toothbrush from any soapy residue (or surprises from the toilet flush) you can find toothbrush covers at any convenience store. I stocked up on quite a few from! I love emart!
The covers come in many different styles and have so many cute characters to choose from. I had to end my toothbrush cover was getting out of hand. Just as I thought I grabbed the cutest one, a better one pops out in the next aisle.Why hurt my head trying to pick between one or the other when I can just buy them all. :)

I especially love when I have company come over because 99% of the time we always get complimented on how cute and clever our toothbrush covers are and look. Then they try to ask if we have an extra to give.....and I have to lie and say "No. Sorry." (with my best sympathy face on, of course. ):P

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