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Fried rice + ice cream

Fried rice, especially kimchi fried rice, is one of my all time favorite dish. Anthony will ask me what I want to eat every now and then and I always reply with either fish or kimchi fried rice. While we were in Jeju my demand was met and I indulged in some spicy bokum bap. The restaurant we magically stumbled upon cooks it right there in front of you. How cool is that? Mmm Mmm. I wanted to eat more (like a third helping), but didn't want to risk looking like a hungry hippo, especially in front of the restaurant staff. So, I saved some room for the ice cream shop that was just across the street. Ha.

The ice cream shop was so cute and offered so many choices. Hmm, decisions decisions. Actually, it's always an easy pick for me because I stick to my usual cookies-n-cream. I can't believe I got 2 scoops. At Baskin Robins their 2 scoops are like this small, but this shop was like this big! Win.


  1. Yum, Yum!!!! I love this type of food, very hot and spicy :)



  2. looks so yummy. i've been really craving spicy food lately, especially for pork bone soup!

  3. Uuuh that fried ice cream looks yummy! And I love kimchi fried rice too, the flavor is just so yummy. Great blog. I really enjoy reading it and the photos are amazing


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