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Korea Travels:Olive 9 Buffet- Jeju, Korea

Finding a buffet restaurant in Korea isn't as easy and common as it is in the states. I actually wondered if Korea had buffets, period. My question was shortly answered as we got introduced to Olive 9 from a friend. The food options seemed endless with so many varieties of meat, panchan, seafood, vegetables, and so on. I couldn't help but to try (and I did) to sample everything there was to offer.

Hmm, I wonder if I appeared as the average over-eating, non-portion controlled American to the restaurant staff. Every time I went back for seconds......or more like third, they kept giving me that look. You know, that look where they're thinking, "Oh my gosh! How much more can this girl eat?? This is her third plate full! Does she even care that her boyfriend is with her and she looks like a cow eating everything in sight?" Yep, that one.

I didn't care though. Buffets are meant to overeat and stuff yourself until you get sleepy, at least in my book.

I was so happy when I saw my favorite dish- samgyupsal. Unfortunately, the meat wasn't the greatest and the sesame oil tasted somewhat off. Other than that, everything was deee-licious! By the time I finished, my stomach was so full. I didn't feel like shopping or walking anywhere.

The majority of restaurants in Korea offer complimentary coffee at the end of every meal. This buffet was no exception. They actually had a whole self serve Maxim coffee machine. Score.

*I wanted to and even tried to take pictures of the actual buffet, but I figured I looked creepy enough just eating these plate fulls all by myself. I didn't want to push it.


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  2. OMGood!!! Food Porn! Food Paradise!!!


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