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My reusable shopping bag

With plastic bags almost impossible to break down and paper bags using up more of our resources, it's unfortunate a lot of stores/businesses don't encourage customers to bring their own reusable ones. 

While the plastic bag issue has been a concern for many years, some places have made a great effort in reducing the use of it.

Stores like E-mart and Lotte Mart (Korea) charge for their shopping bags. Others such as Trader Joe's and Whole Foods ( United States) offer incentives or take 5-10 cents off your bill.

While some excuses may be the inconvenience of actually carrying around a reusable bag, others admit finding multiple use of plastic bags be it trash liners, etc. Whatever the case may be, I just know one thing. Korea has many reusable options and styles to chose from, so it's hard not wanting to carry one around. 

I got a new bag at E-mart for 3000 won (around $2.50 in US dollars.) I use it every time for light food shopping or unexpected buys at the market. No ajussi's charging me 25 cent for a bag! No siree!

 It's so easy to fold up, throw in, or clip on my purse. Plus, look how cute it is! Oh yeah. Grocery shopping just got that much better.


  1. It's a strawberry! Now that IS cute!!

  2. Printed Bags

    I use it whenever for lighting trips to promote or unanticipated purchases at the industry. No ajussi's asking for me 25 dollar for a bag! No siree!


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