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Korea Travels: Jampong and jajamyun for lunch

The best part about eating out in Korea:
- service is always attentive and hospitable
- unlimited boricha aka barley tea (and it always comes in a big pitcher, so no need to constantly flag down someone for refills)
- the servers don't pester you trying to work up a tip. You won't hear "how are you doing, is everything okay, can I get you anything else??" a million times. If you need something, you ring the service bell.
- panchans (little side dishes) always come with the meal and lots of them
- taxes are never added to the bill, and tipping is not customary nor expected

and the best part of all.....
- the food is cheap and delicious! 

The meal pictured above was $12 flat for two main entrees (at a rather large portion at that) and an appetizer. Win!

By the way, have you ever tried ketchup on cabbage slaw?? So good!


  1. Thanks,for your comment on my blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other???

  2. I miss Korean food so much :( There's a pretty good Korean restaurant not too far from my house in Orlando... but bibimbap and tea costs $15!

  3. I love Jampong more than jajamyun! I love fried dumplings soo much!

  4. I like adding ketchup to sandwiches lol most people don't but hey, i think it tastes better with! Good service is always an A in my book!

    Joyce @

  5. I went to a Korean restaurant for lunch today with my cousins. The food was amazing and the side dishes were refillable! I love Jampong it is really good. We had bibimbap, beef bulgogi and squid bulgogi.

  6. Oh.. This post made me SO hungry. I love your blog btw! :)


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