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Halloween {and pumpkin cupcakes}

I baked some pumpkin spice cupcakes for the office. These are sooo good, I'm telling you. If you have a Costco in the area, stop and and pick up a box before they're all gone! That's one unfortunate thing about the fall; all the goodies are seasonal.

And this chocolate pumpkin cupcake was made by one of my coworkers. It may not look like it, but it was super sized. It was more like eating a deliciously rich piece of cake. 

There will be no dressing up or Halloween parties to attend to this year. I'll be at home plopped up on the couch catching up on The Office.


  1. No way, pumpkin cupcakes?! That sounds awesome! Especially for Halloween haha! And they look absolutely adorable and so delectable! It does look supersized, with their hand around it and what not. Relax with Steve Carrell and Ed Helms, sounds like a good plan

  2. this looks amazing! i wish i was more crafty

  3. Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :) Would you like to follow each other? :)



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