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My current blush obsession- Clinique Fresh Bloom #01 Peony

Right now I'm rotating between the E.L.F blushes and Clinque's blush, Peony. This color is just the right amount for my tan cheeks while giving off a beautiful pink tone and highlighting as well.

Now, I normally don't use Clinique products, but I received this smaller blush version as a gift from a friend. She had a couple to spare and gave me two, which one has already been used to the max. The three colors blend so nicely together creating a pretty soft look, I just love it!


  1. such a pretty colour!

  2. Sooo pretty! What a generous friend you've got! xx

  3. This colour has been discontinued! Clinique have replaced it with Peony Blend 11, which is a single rose/brown colour. Has anyone tried the new shade and if so how does it compare to the 01 Peony featured here? Thanks for any information, I am desperate to find a replacement for this!


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