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My new Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I have been waiting for this moment! I finally switched out my "much-needed-for-an-upgrade" (samsung epic) phone.
Introducing the Samsung Note 2--

I l-l-loove it! I must admit, I was *this* close to getting the Samsung S3 because I couldn't stand the lagging of my Epic any longer, but patience is definitely a virtue. And that statement couldn't be any further from the truth as some of us know how very impatient I can be at times.
The many plus reasons I can't set this thing down!-
-lightweight believe it or not, especially given its size
-much, much faster
-larger memory
-the cool S pen
-great screen size for videos, movies, and emails
-easy to navigate
-easier texting, especially with the larger keyboard
 -long lasting battery life!!! 
...and the list goes on and on.


  1. oh awesome!!! i'm so tempted to get one myself

  2. Ohh I cant wait to get my new phone! I had this phone since 2010 xD! My contract is wayy overdue but I think ill just wait until like christmas time or something. I really want the galaxy 3 tho!

  3. very jealous! it looks great x

  4. I got the s3 a couple of months ago. Must admit that Samsung make great phones! I thought about getting the note, but found it a bit big!

  5. Ahhh-- my brother has this! And it IS awesome.

    It's. So. FAST. hoooomahgerd. <3

    Congrats on 'leveling up'. ;P Haha.

  6. I'm due for an upgrade soon but can't decide between this and the iPhone! I've head great things about the Samsung though so hmm, dunno! Looks great though :)
    Saadiya x

  7. I have this phone too!! I love it!! This phone makes every other phone look so tiny~


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