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Currently I've been....

1. drinking more green tea. I found this delicious passion flavor from MLtea company that has just the right amount of fruity flavor blend that I like.

2. hooked on Downton Abbey. It just keeps pulling me in more and more..or maybe it's the pretty dresses and fancy updos. Can't decide.

3. enjoying the warmer weather.

4. drooling all over cute handmade crafts on Etsy.

5. doing some early spring cleaning around the house.

6. crafting more. I need to get back into it.

7. trying to touch back up on my German. Rosetta Stone needs a good dusting off.

8. planning my trip to New York this fall.

9. taking better care of my curly mane. I finally bought a silk pillow cover to help reduce with the breakage.

10. finishing up on all my Valentine's Day cards. They're looking cute as ever.

11. stocking up on more washi tape. The more the merrier, and a little prettier.


  1. That tea looks delicious (^O^)

  2. I love green tea! It's my favorite next to Earl Grey :D xx

  3. I wish I loved green tea, but I just can't stand it! Love your blog! :) Check out my latest post? x

  4. yay to tea, i love green tea!! and i know how planning a trip can be so exciting ;) will you be showing us your cute valentines day card final products? would love to see them!

    rachel x

    1. I look forward to showing them this weekend! :)

  5. I love green tea and It is a must for every female I should say..Can see that you are having a productive time at home <3


  6. I wish I liked green tea :(

  7. This looks like a fun list! I love green tea. Perfect for this miserable cold weather we're having in the DC area!

  8. Definitely with you on #4 although I'm still not intrigued by "Downton Abbey" even though I know so many people who are obsessed with it!

  9. Yeah the costumes are wonderful on Downton Abbey. Also agree with the need to craft more!!


  10. I've been trying to force myself to drink more green tea. It's so hard to force yourself to drinks something you don't enjoy.


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