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Currently using- Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Cream

 I got this Tony Moly gift set as a bonus for spending an "X" dollar amount in their store. I didn't want this to go to waste so I finally decided to use it up. At first I thought about gifting it to some of my friends, but they might have found it a little weird given the traces of snail slim.

The creams aren't really life changing or skin improving in my opinion, but that could also be due to the fact that I only had the sample sizes.

I just love Korean cosmetics and their cute packaging. This is just one of the many products I picked up in Korea.


  1. I've tried a snail cream product before
    and i have to agree that they aren't really life changing the only thing that i like was it really improves my dull skin.

  2. I love them too! Especially how they smell :)

  3. I've never heard of these products, but I think they might be great! I really love the packaging :)

    Great post!



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