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Current spring wear

1.) Michael Kors watch  2.) Ralph Lauren sunglasses
3.) Victoria's Secret lipgloss- Guava Girl 4.) Miss Pucci travel size perfume
5.) Gap body spray- Dream  6.) MAC skinfinish powder- Soft and Gentle
7.) Clinique blush- Peony  8.) Blouse- GAP

It's official. Spring is here. Oh, how I've been waiting for this precious season to arrive. 

I got this floral blouse from the Gap last year, and I'm so happy I did. The color and pattern just brighten up my overall look. It's been my go-to piece for many occasions now, and it never fails to receive those oh so lovely compliments.

When the season changes I also make sure my everyday perfume does as well. The heavier musky scents get switched out for those lighter sweeter ones. And I can't forget about my all time favorite, Clinique Happy. Even though it's not pictured (due to having it run out), I absolutely love that perfume. It's hard for me to stick to the same scent in years passing, but I can honestly say that I've been quite loyal to that one. 


  1. what a pretty blouse! :) loving the watch as well, I wear one everyday :D

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁

    p.s. Come join my big giveaway! ;D

  2. I'd really like to try the MAC finishing powder! I love the pictures you've made :D
    Great post!


  3. that gap shirt is really pretty and very spring-y. love your watch too! good idea about switching out perfumes. i tend to wear the same ones year round, but it might be nice to change it up a bit!

  4. What a lovely print for Spring! Now if only the weather would warm up ajust bit more ;)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. such a pretty blouse!!!!!!!!! I'd totally wear that for spring! Happy firt day of spring by the way

  6. perfect flower blouse :*

  7. I loved the shirt!



  8. Love your blog!
    Thank you for commenting!

  9. That blouse is so perfect for spring!

  10. Awww I love this blouse! Cute post!

  11. I really love the pattern on your blouse. It's unique and very spring-forward. I haven't seen a pattern like this yet. I am sure you'll get a lot of compliments with it. :) That GAP Dream body spray smells heavenly. I love a lot of GAP scents. I'm currently using So Pink right now, but I really need to grab Dream. :)

    Since you mentioned Feedly, I went ahead and downloaded the app. Hopefully I'll learn to use it. Thanks so much for following me there too. Once I get used to the feature/app and learn it, I'll follow you too. Take care. :)

  12. Clinique Happy used to be my all time favorite! I stopped wearing perfume but I'd definitely pick up Happy again :) happy spring!

  13. I love how you present everything on your blog :)
    Yay spring!!

  14. I really like this shirt here, very unique :)

    I just bumped into your blog and after scrolling through your posts, I must say I really like it :) How about we follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Zurich,


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