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My new Fujifilm Instax 210 Camera

I've already started snapping way with this new birthday present I received.. I have to be careful, though, because the film is hard to find. I've only been able to find it on Amazon so far, being that the wide film isn't as accessible as the minis.


  1. What a nice gift!

  2. AWESOME! I've been dying to get a poloroid. :P

  3. love these cameras! i still have my eye on this hello kitty polaroid camera!

  4. I really really want one! xx

  5. AWESOME! I just ordered one about a week ago, can't wait for it to arrive! Hope you'll post some of the photos you've taken ;)

  6. That's so awesome! Have fun with it :D
    Great post!


  7. Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day, (of course why wouldn't it be wonderful? To be surrounded by family and friends as well as cake and presents!).

  8. Wah! That is so cool <3

    Hope you had a happy birthday

    Xo CeeCee

  9. Aww that is so cute! I love my Instax too. i have the mini 25 and have a wall going with all the polaroids. Hope you had a great birthday!!

  10. this looks awesome! would be so fun to take photos on a camera like this.

  11. The instax 210 is such a good looking camera and I wasn't aware that the film was harder to find than the minis. Better reason to buy it in bulk from Amazon? :P (I followed you back!)

  12. O.O A polaroid! I was thinking about getting one... but the films are quite expensive having to buy it every time. Lol.. I still have my spice girls polaroid since.... like the stone age XD

  13. I have a Polaroid but haven't used it because the film is so hard to find :/ it's cute and blue! I will show it sometime ^^


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