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Currently watching- Nail Shop Paris {kdrama}

Is anyone else getting into the new kdrama show, Nail Shop Paris? I came across it just last night, and I finished up the first two released episodes.

Uhhh, kinda reminds me (a lot) of Coffee Prince and seems somewhat predictable (given it's only 10 episodes.) But for now, it's a cute show to watch when you're in the mood for nail painting.

which I later did-
 Some new colors by CoverGirl I picked up last week.


  1. Are you still watching You're the Best Lee Soon Shin? I love it so much, and I'm so happy that you posted about it! :)

    1. Yes!! I just finished ep 19. It gets better and better with each passing episode, don't you think?? I'm hooked, and i think it's the best show out of all the other kdramas I'm currently watching.

    2. I completely agree! Who's your favorite guy in the show? I started out liking Park Chan but now I find him that he's too cheesy for my taste. However, I am loving Joon Ho despite his "I'm better than you" demeanor. :)

    3. If you haven't watched King 2 Hearts yet, I would definitely recommend it! It starts off a bit slow, but it gets better and better. :)

    4. Yes, I like Joon Ho, too! Not so much in the beginning, but now he's my fav. I don't like how selfish and mean the mom turns after she finds out about Soon-Shin's real mother. So sad at times..

  2. cute - I will have to check this out. what website are you watching it on?

    1. I watch them all on dramafever dot com. I used to use MySoju, but that website shut down a while back.

  3. Wow K-Dramas! I've never been into them to be honest but I'm moving to Korea in September, so I'm seriously considering watching one... XD What should I do? >_<

    Hope you're having a lovely May,


  4. It was only 10 episodes? Maybe I'll watch it then. I have such sort attention span. but I adore Gyuri (she's so sassy) so ahhah there goes my weekend xD


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