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New beloved eyeliners

1. Beauty Rush Glossy Tint- Boudoir Pink
2. Beauty Rush Glossy Tint- Manic Pink
3. Beauty Rush Precision Line Eye Pencil- Foxy
4. Beauty Rush Precision Line Eye Pencil- Pitch Black
5. MAC Extreme Dimension mascara

These Victoria Secret Eyeliners just might be the best pencil eyeliners I've come across yet. They have definitely replaced the old ones I was using last year.

No smudging, easy gliding, and all day wear, I use these new liners everyday now. I also picked up some lip sheens, and just finished up my MAC mascara

Now I need to start investing in some new night cream, sunscreen, and facial toner. Any suggestions?


  1. great cosmetics

  2. nice post and nice blog !!!
    i follow you follow me back please !

  3. The mac mascara packaging looks interesting! I don't have any suggestions for facial skincare products, although the moisturiser from skin79 that I'm currently using right now is doing pretty good so far!

  4. Thank you for the suggestions! Lovely blog
    Bubble my Licorice

  5. wow, beautiful products!! Great!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  6. I never use Victoria Secret products, but would like to try it!

    Can I exchange blog link with u via GFC?

    Emily (Malaysia)

  7. I'm totally into eyeliners too! ^___^ My eyes can sometimes look pretty tired even after a night's rest so I apply a little eyeliner to make it look "fresher". Hahaha. Thanks for commenting on my blog too! I know you'll be making GREAT use of that Nikon DSLR! ;)


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