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Good mail days- Incoming

This lovely mail arrived all the way from Singapore about a week ago. Kyler contacted me through Instagram and asked if we could do a mail swap. And of course, I agreed! The Peter Pan paper she used was such a nice touch and left me feeling nostalgic as that movie was my all time favorite growing up. What a coincidence! ( I secretly had the biggest crush on Peter Pan, and would watch the movie over and over again at my mom's house all summer long.) 
Kyler made this wonderful card with some nice washi tape samples inside. She's so sweet and I adored everything she sent. 

Thank you, Kyler! This really made my day and brought back happy childhood memories.


  1. Aw she's so sweet :) I used to watch peter pan *_*

  2. Omg... didn't know posts can be so adorable! Your blog is so clean, but has so many good images! I am hoping to achieve something similar in the future when my photography skills improves. Followed your blog :)

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord

  3. Love the new header! This is so creative and cute! Makes me want to be a little kid again. :)

  4. such cute stuff! I love peter pan :) Love how it's all wrapped!

  5. awww love that paper - looks so pretty!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. ohh, super cute mail, as always! lucky you! :D

  7. these are always so great!

  8. Ahh disney~ And seriously, your posts have gotten me addicted to 2 things: washi tape and instax photos ^^

  9. Oh such a lovely package :D

  10. awww. what a loveley idea, and a very cute package. so much thought!

  11. Ever since I came across your blog, I've been looking at your posts and although I want to leave comments, I never know what to say.

    Your creative work, and this card for example are awe-inspiring. Ideas can be so very wonderful.



  12. aw thats sweet. how does a mail swap works? :) never heard of it before and i find it very interesting :)


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