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Current happenings {and new house plants}

I spent a small part of the Labor Day weekend tending to these new babies. My house garden is slowly coming together.

Now that summer is officially over, it's time to prepare for fall. With new preparations come new monthly goals. These past few months I had actually compiled a summer bucket list for me to complete in order to make sure my vacation didn't go to waste. I'm happy to see that the majority of my list had been completed-

  • treat myself to a manicure/pedicure  
  • take more pictures of everyday surroundings 
  • try new local restaurants 
  • buy more houseplants 
  • attend an art class 
  • get together with the girls at least twice a month 
  • watch a new movie 
  • visit a museum or park (I did plenty of that in New York)
  • go swimming
  • work on my art journal 


  1. Those plants are so cute! I love having lots of plants around my house (I'm having difficulty with my orchids since I've moved flat, I don't think they like the light). You did loads of interesting things during your summer!
    Take care

  2. Succulents are also a fave at my house :)
    i have a similar list but still have to cross a few items!

  3. Lovely plants ^^ I didn't went swimming neither

  4. The green is so vibrant! Lovely photos! I, too would like to attend and art class and get together with my girlies - things I need to work on! Great idea for a post!


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