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Good mail days- 3 different mails from different countries

This nice little mail from Blanca in Spain. Those cappuccino candies were a nice surprise, and tasty!

I saw these pretty stamp stickers on Wenyea's Instagram post and thought they were actual vintage stamps at first. She was so sweet and offered to send me some. I was not expecting the pretty handmade watercolor card as well. Thank you!

Some adorable mail goods from Sherman in China. Her package was so nicely wrapped together, but I was too excited and unraveled everything before taking actual pictures of it all. 


  1. I love this community! What a great way to share and communicate! And you've been so consistent with it! It's really great to see!

  2. wow! Such great mails you have got ! All of them looks so nice <3
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  3. hi michelle! been wondering how do you get different mails? is it a blog thing? :)

  4. Wow! such a cute stamps~


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