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Good mail days- Incoming Japanese stationery

Due to my recent trip to Chicago, I wasn't able to post last week's Monday mail post. But here it is, a nice surprise from one of my new Insta-friends, Prem from California. 

I opened up the package and this beautiful envelope was peeking through placed with a handmade beaded flower.

Everything was packed in so nicely. Inside were some new tea packets I have yet to try, beautiful origami paper, and Japanese stationery. 

I definitely can't wait to use these pretty papers.


  1. Lovely incoming! Argh I envy you so much girl, can't wait to get mail again >_< How was Chicago? Hope things are going well with you :)


  2. I LOVE snail mail! You got some really pretty stationery!

  3. so pretty! love that bow/flower :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. love teh staionary, so pretty and cute!! and yum! i love tazo tea!

  5. Oooh, absolutely lovely. I would hate to use them, myself.
    But whoever gets them should treasure the letter!

    Hope you had a great time in Chicago.


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