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Good mail days- Christmas cheers

Some Christmas cheers and warm wishes came in from all over the world. These are now posted on my refrigerator for holiday decor.

And here are some of the wonderful packages I received from the holiday advent swap I participated in. Each one packaged and put together so nicely and with such creativity. It was such a pleasure receiving these. I'll be sure to post more pictures and share the wonderful surprise within them all.

Also, if you're interested in participating in some type of mail swap, Fab, from Wreck This Girl, is putting together her Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt again this year. Last year was so much fun and exposed me to other stationery fanatics like myself, I totally signed up for it again this year. You can too if you hurry. I believe the sign-up deadline is today. Or if letter writing is more your thing, Rin, from Papered Thoughts, put together a fantastic snail mail directory you can check out here! 

Happy Monday!


  1. how wonderful and beautiful! so great to be connected to folks from all over with mail! merry christmas to you!

  2. How adorable are these packages?

    Hope your having a wonderful Christmas

  3. I love getting mail from a different country! I had fun collaging our Christmas cards on the pantry door :)


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