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My new 2014 daily planner

Although I just purchased a new planner recently, this little one will be helpful for more everyday to-do tasks, appointments, and typical errands.

It was time to say goodbye to the 2013 organizer. So all this week I've just been spending my evenings switching everything over.

Searching for the new "it" planner is something I always look forward to towards the end of the year. So upon the search, I was lucky to come across this adorable Molang one here, which just so happened to be one sale, which was even better.

And to add to the cuteness, there's even a Molang Diary available.

P.S. For the new year, I also decided to switch up the blog's look. It was time for change.

What do you think? ;)


  1. I have the exact same one in white!

  2. I just got a daily planner as well, and plan to make a post about it! There is nothing better than being organized :)


  3. the molang planner is so adorable! i have tried to use daily planners but i can never keep up with it. =( i tagged you in a Libester award ( feel free to do it if you want. =)

  4. ahh this is too cute! and love your new bloggy design too - pretty!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. Oh, so cute! I'm looking for a planner for 2014 recently...What a shame you don't get all those cute things in Germany...

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some words! So I could also discover yours! Very nice!!!


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