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Using my Midori clear zipper pocket

I did a little nature hiking over the weekend and decided to take the Midori notebook along for the first time. Being that I only have 2 notebooks inside, it wasn't too much of a hassle to carry around. It did get a little windy at times so I made sure to protect it within my backpack because I still try to be careful with the soft leather cover. Even though my traveler's notebook isn't brand new anymore (being as I've had it for almost a year now), I still treat her like my little baby. 
And instead of packing my wallet this time, I just used my handy clear zipper pocket. I had already planned on riding the tram up the canyon, so I knew some dollar bills were needed. Oh, and I also threw in some organic fruit strips that fit in comfortably for my mid-hike snack. 

Anyone else enjoying a favorite Midori accessory of theirs? 


  1. What a nifty idea! A journal and wallet in one. I have yet to buy any accessories for my Midori, I don't think they carry the clear zipper pocket here though :(

    1. The accessories are my favorite part f setting up my Midori. This zipper pocket is my favorite, along with my folders as well. I love "hiding" things within my journals. ;)

  2. visited Travelers' factory last week in Tokyo, love their accessories! and i bought a baby blue cloth zipper pocket ^^


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