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Writing from the soul

Whether it's for 15 minutes or just 5, I made a pledge to dedicate time every night this month to just sit in a quiet area, reflect on my day, and write down any built up feelings or thoughts. There were often times I wish I had written down those certain emotions and moments I was experiencing on those certain days or places and didn't. Some thoughts were ideas I had had or projects I had been meaning to start, or some thoughts were just those little voices that offered me that guidance I needed to get through a particular struggle. I needed to capture all of that onto paper so that they wouldn't be forgotten. 

It's been a couple of weeks now, and I'm still enjoying this nightly routine of mine. After all is said and written down, I feel so relaxed...happy...inspired...motivated. My goal is to continue with this until it becomes a regular and comfortable habit.

Writing has been a form of therapy for me lately, and I've realized that it has become almost like my daily mediation. It feels like all my worries are pushed aside and sealed onto this piece of paper where I can just gain a better understanding of who I am and reflect on my emotional growth. It has helped me see a different hidden side of myself that I always knew was there but too afraid to bring out due to my inner judge and the judge of others. It's time to overcome those fears...

"Write about the emotions you fear the most."- Laurie Halse Anderson

"Writing is a way of talking without be interrupted."- Jules Renard

"Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way."- Ray Bradbury

"Maybe the hardest thing in writing is simply to tell the truth about things as we see them." - John Steinbeck

" All writing problems are psychological problems. Blocks usually stem from the fear of being judged. If you imagine the world listening, you'll never write a line. That's why privacy is so important. You should write first drafts as if they will never be shown to anyone." - Erica Jong

"....Describe your sorrows and desires, the thoughts that pass through your mind and your belief in some kind of beauty- describe all these with heartfelt, silent, humble sincerity and, when you express yourself, use the things around you, the images from your dreams, and the objects that you remember. If your everyday life seems poor, don't blame it; blame yourself; admit to yourself that you are not enough of a poet to call forth riches; because for the creator there is not poverty and no poor, indifferent place." - Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. This is a great idea!

  2. AnonymousMay 08, 2014

    I love this idea! I might even try it!
    I hate it when I don't have my journal with me :/ Just right when I have so many things to put on that piece of paper. That's why I always carry it with me to write in it whenever I feel like it or need to!
    Lovely post!

  3. AnonymousMay 09, 2014

    There is something about writing on paper that makes things better. This is a great habit!

    1. Let's hope I can keep it a habit. ;)

  4. Very inspiring post! Writing does help to get your thoughts and feelings organized, which can help you accomplish more in life! There are so many great benefits to writing like you're doing, it's just difficult for me to keep it up!

    1. It was difficult for me too, but that's where I challenged myself and made sure I wrote something down everyday, even if it was just a sentence or two. After awhile, it just starts to flow naturally and thoughts start to pour in. So many ideas spark out of this routine I've developed. It just takes time. :)

  5. Completely agree, Michelle! Writing helps me rationalise things... and it's something that I've been wanting to do on a regular basis, and you've just inspired me to do it more. :)

    1. That's good to hear! I'm glad I inspired you. Writing can really be therapeutic at times.

  6. This post really resonates with me (like all of your posts lately!), and I have been trying to do this same thing. I realized recently that I NEED to write more, like--it's an actual need that I shouldn't neglect. I love the quotes you included. Your blog is so lovely and inspiring. <3

    1. Thank you for your sweet words,Amber. I hope this has inspired you to start writing regularly again.


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