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Good mail days- Incoming from Australia

I received some happy mail from one of my Instagram lovlies, Jayne, aka @bellajstyle. She seriously has a talent and eye for mail art that I admire so much. Just take a look at her beautiful gallery.

As if the envelope wasn't gorgeously decorated already, she added these colorful stamps... How pretty! I think the stamps are my favorite part of the outside package. It's nice to see what designs other countries have.
And the paper goods inside. I can't wait to use these neon stickers within my journals.

Thank you, Jayne, as this was such a pleasant and enjoyable surprise. I especially enjoyed your card and reading your "about me facts." I find those so interesting!


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2014

    I love the pops of colour and just as I said on Instagram the vintage typewriter tags! So beautiful!

    1. The tags are so cute! I'm not sure if I'll ever want to use them. ;)

  2. Love the snail mail!! :D :D So pretty!

    1. Snail mail is the best! It always makes my day. ^_^

  3. wow everything is so pretty, i really like the stamps

    1. Me, too!

      Oh, and congrats on your recent engagement, Sandy!! *Cheers!*


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