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Journaling- June pages

Having fun with magazine clippings and really enjoying my new "DIY Hobonichi" journal. The paper quality of this is just great, especially when it comes to using ink. I haven't experienced any bleed-through so far. *knock on wood* 


  1. Your journals are always so beautiful and alive.
    It makes me want to step up my game, y'know.
    But to me, it feels forced while you make it seem so fluid and easy and cathartic!
    It's a vicarious sense of peacefulness to see your journaling, ahaha.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Your words are just too kind! The secret is to just do what you feel at the moment. Honestly, some days I just feel like writing, then some days I feel like just sketching, then the next day I feel like just cutting and pasting. Just go with your creative flow!

  2. The biking photo is adorable! I would frame it and put it on my mantle

  3. Hi Jade! How have you been?? Thank you for all your sweet words!


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