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Using the Filofax Flex A5

Introducing my new 2015 folder in which I was lucky enough to find on Amazon for $35. 

Unfortunately, Amazon thought it was a great idea to stuff my fiance's headphones right on top of the binder (we combined orders to get the free shipping) into a teeny tiny tight envelope box thus creating indentation on the top of the cover.
I was hoping that a good rub would make it somehow go away, but no. These marks are here to stay. Definitely not happy about it, but what can I do (besides send it back, but I was too lazy and not wanting to go through the inconvenience of that).
This A5 Flex binder will be replacing a current Cambridge binder I'm currently using for work. I'm going to need a change for the new year.
The thing that appealed to me the most about the Flex was just how many pockets and slits this little folder had. There are so many hiding spots for receipts, bills, invoices, etc. Perfect for what I need and have planned.
The binder also came with a ruled notebook...
which underneath reveals come pockets and card slots.
And tucked inside one of the pockets is a removable, yet sturdy, pen holder, which I plan on using as a writing pad. 

On the ride side of the Flex is another jot pad...
with a pocket underneath

and another pocket on the side.
The back side
And this how it looks closed. It's actually pretty compact and smaller than imagined, in a good way.  

Make sure to check out tomorrow's post to see how I intend on using her for the upcoming year!


  1. This would be fantastic for work.

    1. Yes, I hope so! I can't wait to start using it. Will you be getting a planner for 2015 as well?

  2. I Love your blog! Its so cute! I Love planners and filofax!

    1. Thank you for reading! I'm obsessed with planners! Glad to know that there are others out there that share the same interests.


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