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For the love of snail mail- Tina from Germany

- Hi, Tina, and welcome! Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
I'm Tina Sosna, 21 years old and from a little village near the forest in Germany. I love to take pictures, do little crafts, write letters with deep thoughts, have walks in the nature and collecting old precious little things.

- How did you get into snail mail and penpaling, and how long have you been doing it for?
I already started writing letters when I was about 9 or so. At this point I was so interested in writing my own little stories and poems, but they were never good of course! It became more serious when I got in contact with Carla ( My penpal for 6 years now) through a German project. When I started my own blog in the internet about photography later, I came in contact with some more people that also enjoy doing little crafts for their letters and I liked the idea of sharing handmade things, old things or just things that mean something to you.

- How many penpals do you currently have, and where are they from?
That's such a hard question, because some of them didn't write back or not really regularly. But when I count the ones I write more often with I would say around 9 people.

- Where did you find the majority of your penpals?
I would definitely say Instagram! Here you can see directly if a person could fit to you or not. And I got so many requests there and at the beginning I tried to be in contact with all of them. But with time it got more intense and I couldn't accept more. So I opened an online shop where I sell envelopes, parcels and other things to offer something from me to everyone who wants it.

- What are a few things you enjoy sending?
I like the words the most I must say. They are the most important thing in a letter, but besides that I love to send old prints, little quotes, handmade envelopes and tags, labels and stickers, old cards from flea markets, my own photo prints, yummy tea, stamps and other treasures I can find.

- What are some things that you enjoy receiving?
Also handmade things, old things, stamps, labels and illustrations I would say! I love themes like plants, the forest, woodland animals or nature in general.

- What have been some of the most memorable mail you've received?
I remember a wonderful package from Anna Gawlak she sent me for Christmas last year. (The first two images posted above.) It was decorated very beautiful wooden box with the most wonderful little things. She arranged and decorated it with so much care that I had to hide my tears when I received it.

- When is the best time for you to put together your snail mail?
In the evenings when I have my cozy times with a big tea and cozy socks!

- Have you met any of your penpals in person?
Only one and that is my long time friend Carla. I met her two times and I can still remember very well how nervous I was to meet her. It was a great experience and I would love to meet some more people.

- Other than connecting with friends through mail and letters, what are some of your other hobbies?
Analog photography is my main hobby I would say. I take pictures all the time and love to share them on my blog or flick photostream. I love to hold emotions and little details forever in photograph. I also like to make little illustrations and collecting plants.


To see more of Tina's beautiful mail posts, be sure to check out her Instagram gallery, @tinasosna, or you can continue to follow along through her blog, flickr, and shop.

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  1. Can I be your penpal??? Here's my website: for your consideration if u think I am qualified!!!


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