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Good mail days- Incoming from Gladys

Happy mail from my good friend, Gladys, arrived. This time she sent me some copies of her very own watercolor prints and some yummy tea packets she picked up on a recent trip to Vietnam. Notice her letter in the corner? It was written on this vintage handmade natural paper. It had such a beautiful textured feel to it.

Gladys and I have been penpals for quite some time now, and she was actually one of my first. I always treasure her letters and look forward to hearing about her day-to-day life. You can see a few of our mail swaps here and here.


  1. Such a unique way to write a letter! And those watercolor prints.. amazing! No wonders why it was a good mail day :)

    1. Hi Fab! Nice to "see" you! Yes, it was such a unique letter and idea. The feel of the paper somehow helped enhance the reading experience. ^_^ Gladys is just full of creativity!


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