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Holiday stamps

Picked up some new stamps today, Winter Fun and Silver Bells Wreath


  1. Beautiful! I really love round stamps like those wreaths. :)

    1. I went into the post office with the intention of buying only 6 stamps. Next thing you know I walk out with over 20.. The wreaths were just too pretty to pass.

  2. Hello Michelle!

    I'm Jennifer from Malaysia. I collect stamps and I really love those stamps above. I'm just wondering whether could I purchase the stamps online and would USPS deliver it to address outside of USA.

    1. Hi Jennifer! You know what, that's a great question! Not 100% sure if you're able to purchase them online from Malaysia. Have you tried going on the USPS website and signing up an account? Not sure if they deliver the USA stamps internationally, but it's worth checking out. I'll tell you what, though. If I happen to purchase more in the next few weeks, I'll let you know and send some over. Can't make any promises, however. ;)

    2. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your reply. I will try to sign up with USPS and let you know the result. If you do purchase extra, do let me know.

    3. Hi Michelle,

      I managed to register with USPS with my Malaysia address. However, when I tried to order, it ONLY deliver to address in USA. So, that mean they don't deliver USA stamps internationally. :(


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