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The Journal Diaries- Tina's Collage Journals

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. (Click here for past posts.) My special guest today is Tina from Denmark.

- Hi Tina! Tell us a little more about yourself and your background.
My name is Tina. I live in Denmark half an hours drive up north from the Capital Copenhagen - in a teeny tiny town with no shops almost in the middle of the forest. I work a part time day job in a bank and use all my spare time working on my collage art and journals.

- When did you start art journaling, and how did you get into it?
Art journaling is fairly new to me actually. I've been creative as long as I can remember starting out with crochet and knitting in my childhood. I love going to flea markets and have been creating with my finds for many years now. The urge to start art journaling started when I signed up for some of Mary Ann Moss' classes on how to make your own journal - I made one for a travel to Venice and that was the start of it all. Following others in the class and seeing how people were sketching in their journals and how they use the found stuff in them too - I wanted to do the same. Last year I signed up for the Icad challenge and making those little index cards really got me into the collage art too. Now I do the collage work on a daily basis and are trying to exercise my skills in sketching too.

- When do you find yourself journaling, and how often?
I try to find time for it every day no matter if it's a good day or a bad day. It makes me feel more in balance. This is where I find the peace and mental resources in my life. Being introvert it's kind of a need for me with the solitude and my art. That gives me inspiration and energy for daily life.

- Where is most of your creativity captured?
In my tiny work room. I have a teeny tiny room in our house with all my gathered flea market stuff on hand. Being in there working at my table - that is where the ideas flow. The more time I have on hand for creativity the more ideas I get.

- What would you say is your favorite journaling technique or style?
I'm definitely into the collage art and mixed media art style, with a touch of vintage. It comes to me very easily probably because of all the stuff I collect at the fleas. I'm not good at bright colors. I have tried but everything turns out faded and kind of neutral. But that's okay - I think it reflects my style.

- What attracts you particularly to this preferred style of art journaling?
I'm drawn to the faded and worn look and it shines through in all my creations. The more worn and rusty and torn it is, the more likely I'll use it in my creations.

- What inspires your artwork?
I'm mostly inspired by what I find and collect at the flea markets during the summer time. I go almost every weekend and love it. It's not always I bring stuff home with me, but with the trip itself it is an inspiration for me. I also find inspiration from other artists that I admire and through pics on Pinterest and Instagram.

- Do you have a favorite notebook or type of journal that you use?
I love using moleskine for the sketching, but I'm still very new at this. Otherwise I don't have any special notebooks or journals I use. The selection of books is not that great here in Denmark. An ordinary notebook works just as well for me, when I make my collage work. But quite often I use nontraditional stuff for my creations - it can be cardboard boxes, paper bags, corrugated cardboard etc.

- Where is your journal stored when not in use?
On open shelves in my work room. I like the look of them when I work on other stuff. It inspires me to have them on hand. All my creative stuff is stored on open shelves and in glass jars, so I can see it all.

- What is your favorite stationery supply, tool, or product(s) at the moment?
A pair of scissors, a glue stick, fine liner pen, watercolor travel set, gesso and modeling paste and a tiny set of number stamps. That's what I work with at the moment.

- Do you have any favorite stationery stores or brand?
No particular, as we don't have a very huge selection to choose from.

- What advice, tip, or suggestion would you give to anyone looking to start creative art journaling themselves?
My best tip is, don't think, just do. I wish I was better to follow that myself, but I practice. And make sure to have your journal with you wherever you go - you'll never know when a situation or extra time will show up, and you would like to work in it.

- Other than art journaling, what are some of your other hobbies and interests?
As I've already mentioned, I love flea markets and use a lot of time visiting different ones during summertime. You can always tell when the season is about to open after winter break, as you'll fine me wandering around restless in the weekends and searching the internet for some early ones. Another one of my interests is reading. I read a lot of books and have a ton in my home.


Thank you so much, Tina, for showing us your collage creations! And for all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can find more of Tina and her journalings here:
Etsy Shop: TinyBear Studio
Instagram: @tinabeardk

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