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DIY Midori Notebook Tabs

Over the next few months, I plan on getting more use out of my midori notebook. So to get this going, I started to set up a few new inserts I bought while on my vacation in Korea last summer. One of them is the calender insert #017. This will be used to keep track of monthly workout plans and fitness classes.

The nice thing about these inserts is that they're all blank calender pages, so if I skip a month, or don't use it, there isn't that much of a loss. I can just start up where I left off.

However, I do intend on using it continuously, therefore, I stuck on some kraft tabs for each of the upcoming months. I found some alpha stickers (the exact same ones from this post),stuck them on the tabs, and that was that!

Now I can easily flip through the marked months with these tabs on the side. This is so handy and helpful when planning and organizing the days.

Also, here are some index tabs I recently made for the midori traveler's notebook.


  1. Kraft tabs were the perfect addition!! Goes along with the more "rustic" look of Midori perfectly!

    1. Yes, Jessica, I totally agree! It adds a nice rustic touch to it, doesn't it!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more from your Midori... I've just received mine and have a little bit of stage fright!

    1. Hi Jen! Trust me, I know the feeling! I didn't even start using mine until 2-3 months after- ha! But once, you start setting it up, getting more of a feel for it, you won't want to put it down!

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. This tab looks so great with the notebook.
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