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DIY Filofax Planner Vision Board

One of the very first things I did when setting up my planner was adding a vision board. These two pages I'm about to show you are probably one of the main reasons why I wanted a Filofax to begin with. With goals and ideas constantly evolving, having a ring binder makes it that much easier when working with tweaks and managing updates if need be.

Starting with the front of my vision board is this "yes" page I used from one of my smashbooks (the orange one), cutting it down to size. The "yes" represents the answer to all things imaginable, and reminds me that big dreams are possible and achievable with determination and the right mindset.

The images used all represent something that I'd like to continue focusing on for the year. Every time I flip to these pages, it's like a fresh boost of inspiration. It always makes me happy and smile.

To ensure that the pictures would not lift after gluing them down, I applied 2 strips of clear packing tape vertically. You could call this my DIY laminator.

Then as I flip over to the last page of the vision board, here is where I write down all of my dreams and 2015 goals. When next year January rolls around, I can just slip the post-it note into my journal and look back at all of the things I accomplished and feel proud of myself.

I actually find it more rewarding when I can actually check off the things listed within my personal goals list. Having this visual list helps keep my motivation going and increases my power of intention.

It's time to activate dreams into reality! 

(For more details on my vision board, watch the video I did here.)


  1. I'm a fan of that DIY laminating method as well. ;) Your planner looks so charming!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Haha, the packing tape came in handy, for sure!

  2. I love this! Mega inspiration.
    Bella x

  3. Creative thoughts is a wonderful talent, i think you are done the best thing. i love this planner vision board. Keep it up and make many more new thoughts.
    Super p force


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