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Traveler's Notebook Bullet Journaling- Week at A Glance

It's been over three months now since I converted my traveler's notebook into a fully functioning daily planner. As predicted, listing all of the weekly tasks (aka "bullet journaling") is what has been working for me thus far. When looking at the overall page at a glance, seeing the checked off boxes makes it easier for me to process what has been done and what other tasks still need to be completed.

For a minute there, I considered getting a Hobonichi Weeks planner for 2016, but as I examined my traveler's notebook setup, I realized that it's practically the same thing. The first insert houses the monthly calendar, the second insert is where all of the daily/weekly to-dos are listed, and the third insert collects all of the notes and random thoughts/ideas.

If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, you can expect to see a video showing more of my bullet journaling (and a full planner setup) very soon!


  1. Hello Michelle!REALLY LIKE the way you use your traveler's notebook as a daily planner!I've got a lot of ideas and journaling tips from your videos on Youtube!And today,I finally have watched all of your videos!You are great!Looking forward to your traveler's notebook setup video!Wish you a good day! (A girl form China)

    1. Aww, why thank you! It makes me happy to know that you enjoyed my videos! I'll try my best to post more in the near future in hopes that it will continue to inspire you!


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