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Who Do You Want To Be?

A big focus for me in 2016 is to work and build upon the character I always strive to be.

Every morning, for this past month, I've been writing down ways that I can create consistent progress toward becoming the person that I need to be to create the results that I want for my ideal life:

- to be happier
- to be more grateful
- to be that source of positive influence
- to be a better friend, coworker, spouse, daughter, etc.
- to be more successful in my business
- to achieve those goals and project ideas
- to act more, procrastinate less
- to have the things and the outcome that I want


  1. I am working towards similar goals as well. We can always be improving and I need to set specific goals so I know what I'm reaching towards.

  2. Related to your list. I have the similar goals and try to do it everyday.


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