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Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport Size Inserts- How To Make Your Own

Recently, I set myself up to a challenge, which is similar to a no-spend challenge. With all the stickers, paper crafts and ephemera laying around, you would think that they would actually get used up around here, right? Wrong. You may call me somewhat of a "stationery hoarder." If it's too cute, pretty, or unique, you can surely bet that it's staying put in the crafting drawers.

So, in attempt to minimize (more) this year, I promised myself that I would at least try and use up all that I have. My new challenge is to limit my "over-spending" and to use up whatever "stuff" is left before buying more.

It started to dawn on me: What was the point of having all these paper goods if it is not going to be used in some why, right?

Last week I was *this* close to purchasing more midori inserts for my passport size notebook, but then I thought, "Heck, I can just make them!" (Oh yeah, I'm on a mission to setup my passport traveler's notebook again....excited!) And so I did.

I cut out some grid paper from my Miquel Rius notebook, folded them in half, and stapled them together with some scrapbooking paper used for the cover.

The front of the covers were looking a bit bare, so I decided to add a few stickers here and there, and stamp on the labels.

These worked out perfectly, and I prefer using this paper type better (for the heavier pen inks I use). Feel free to watch the video below explaining more of the details-


  1. Great! The pleasure of buying is big, but the joy of creating, making your own notebook is even bigger :-) and you can really customize it the way it suits you the best. Thanks for the post and the video!

    1. And thank you, Sylvie, for your support! Curious to know, are you currently using a journal/planner system? I'd love to know what you're enjoying if so!

  2. These are adorable. Love that you filled them with graph paper and decorated the covers so sweetly. :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Hope you've been well!

  3. I love your posts. How has using the passport been coming along? Would love to hear an update cause im also thinking of using my passport as my EDC

    1. It's coming along pretty well! I'll do an update video on it soon!


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