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New Travel Junk Journal

As I was shopping at Target, I came across this wonderful travel journal by Mead. Can't wait to use it! While I wish I could make pretty junk journals like the wonderful ones I come across online and on youtube, this will do for now until I up my game.

See the video below for more details and a flip-through-
This little journal may be the perfect solution to finally put good use to those travel brochures, receipts and ephemera that have been piling up in shoe boxes all these years. 

See more of the page details in my video here.


  1. Great journal! I was able to order one on line at Searched for travel journal mead. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is an awesome journal!

  3. Sold out online but a nearby Target still had a few in stock. Love it! Will probably use some of it's contents with my ephemera saved from a trip to Paris and London to create a memorable keepsake.

  4. Seeing travel journals always makes me wanna go places, just to sit in the sun and journal elsewhere in the world... :-) This looks neat, I hope you have fun filling it with life

  5. Have you been able to find refills for it? I'm looking for them. Thanks!

    1. I'm not sure if they sell refills specific for this journal, however, you could always just purchase another one (for double refills) or make your own. :)


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