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Traveler's Notebook Snippets

Took the traveler's notebook out for a little nature hike.

Where all the stickers and postage stamps are kept (the zipper pocket).

Word of the year and daily mantra placed right where I can see it as an everyday reminder.

Played around with the idea of switching into the traveler's notebook passport size.

Currently obsessed with passport/pocket size planning/journaling. 

All the traveler's factory brand stickers and washi tape that I probably won't use, but just like to stare at from time to time. 

Made some DIY passposrt size calendar inserts last month.

More setups can be seen on my YT channel.

Also, be sure to say "hi" on Instagram, where I'm mostly active and posting more journaling pics. If you prefer Facebook, or Twitter, I try to post frequently on there as well. You can also follow & read along on Bloglovin'.


  1. Love these, the zipper pocket is so cute. I totally know what you mean about having stationery you'll never use but like to stare at. :)

  2. I love your photos! They're always so filled with light and warmth! I don't have a traveller's notebook but I feel like getting one is not too far off in the future, they look lovely!

    Rosegold Fox

  3. I love to look at your notebooks they are quite inspiring. There's something special about brown notebooks, I love them!
    Jade x

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love it~ I wish I could have them all <3
    gmail sign in


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