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'Note To Self' Art Journal Zine Now Available!

I'm so excited to finally reveal and launch my second handmade zine- 'Note To Self.' Details are listed within the shop here, so be sure to treat yourself to a copy! It'll be like receiving snail mail, a mini art journal and a handmade zine all in one!

Also, thank you all for your kind and sweet comments in the last zine giveaway post! It brought warm fuzzy feelings to my heart! Thank you, thank you, thank you! But without further ado, here are the three winners of their gifted copy of the 'Note To Self' zine: Heidi, Rhiannon, and Filicia. Congratulations to you three! Feel free to email me here with your mailing address that way the zine can be sent out asap for your enjoyment.

For all my friends and readers, you can purchase your copy now at the online shop. Be sure to pop on over and get one before they sell out. (The last zine, The Ephemera Scrapbook, sold out in just 3 days!)


  1. Whoaaaa, thank you sooo much! >.<
    Can't believe I actually won the zine. I have sent you the mail. Thank you so so very much Michelle! Have a good day!

    filicia | Candy After Dinner

    1. Congratulations on your win! I saw and received your email yesterday, but for some odd reason my gmail filtered it in some other file and I cannot find it. :( Do you mind resending it to me? (

  2. Wow, thank you thank you thank you! This really makes my day-- I hope you have a great one! And I only have a minute, so I only wanted to check in and say thanks. I promise I'll email you as soon as I can. I can't wait to see your zine!

    1. Hi Rhiannon! Congratulations on your win, and thank you so much for your sweet email. It's unfortunate to say that my gmail has someone filtered it since then, and I'm unable to find it again. Would you mind resending it to me? (

  3. Wow!!! It's really wonderful. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I am expecting more awesome posts and waiting for that :)

  4. Hi Michelle. I just received mine in the mail. It's so much fun and beautiful to look through. Now I want to make one of my own! Jennifer


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