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Midori Travel Snippets

Before I left for my summer vacation, I added this little gold bling to the Camel Traveler's Notebook.

In August I spent the month in Korea, enjoying good food, good company, and fun times! Haeundae Beach in Busan was one of the travel destinations. Love it there! (And love the fresh seafood, too! Yum!)

When traveling, I try to journal about my overall day later in the evening, after a fresh hot shower. If exhaustion hits me first, though, I'll capture memories first thing in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. Sipping on my favorite Korean instant coffee here.

Taking the train over to see some friends in the next city. "I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world~"

On this trip I left the passport size Midori behind and journaled with the regular size Midori Traveler's Notebook. Good thing I did, too, because I had a lot to write about. Lots-n-lots of memories were captured.

The Midori craft folder was one of the accessories added to store ephemera and paper goods. Yes, I'm one of those..Ms. Receipt Hoarder.

Eeeek! So thrilled that I got to meet up with @seong_joon.shin and @nudobamnamoo at The T.I.ME stationery store. It was so nice seeing the wear on their Traveler's Notebook, what accessories they use within theirs, and just flipping through their journal pages. I got the Midori embossed, too! You can see more in this video I made showing my shopping experience at the T.I.ME store. I was there all afternoon, smiling and getting stationery dazed...


  1. That's so amazing that you got to visit Korea! I want to go there someday, and visit places like Busan and Seoul! Can you speak Korean?

    1. Hi Rhiannon! Yes, you must visit Korea if you get the chance! It's such a beautiful country and so lively! Lots of delicious food, too. Although I can't speak Korean fluently like my husband, I do know a few phrases and words. Eventually my goal is to become fluent in the language and live there one day... :)


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