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The Journal Diaries- Noor's Art Notebooks

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers and diaries from creatives all over the world. My special guest today is Noor from Pakistan.

- Hello Noor, and welcome! Please tell us a little more about yourself!
Hello!!! I am Noor Unnahar, from a city by the Arabian Ocean, called Karachi, the metropolitan of Pakistan. I'm a blogger, vlogger, a poetess, social media junkie and an artist in general. I just turned 19 in August which still feels unreal to say, haha. I just finished college and I'm currently on a gap year to work on my creative projects that revolve around blogging, social media, art, and writing. I earn a living by freelancing in writing and graphic designing and also run a small blog design studio.e a twin sister whose name is Areeba who's the coolest creative soul i know (not being biased or anything really). i have an artsy crush on Matty Healy from The 1975 who basically makes the coolest music and knows what he's doing. If there was an apocalypse and I could only take one thing with me before I run for my life, it will surely be my iphone.

- How and when did your love for art journaling all begin?
I don't even remember, to be honest. My sister and I used to buy so many notebooks when we were little, to doodle on and write along. We would give them certain names as well (one of mine was called 'Glitter' # no regrets). The habit of keeping a journal is as old as i can remember. That's what grew into this art journal passion.

- What inspires or influences your creations and writings the most?
My main inspiration comes from life events, whether current ones or from the past. I write poetry about real events and use metaphors to turn them into something entirely different and visualize them in form of journaling. It's somehow therapeutic to turn those events into pieces of art because some of them weren't exactly cheery but they did make an interesting art journal entry.

- Do you feel that are artistic style has changed throughout the years?
YASSSS! i used to have a very different style back in time that involved multicolor patterns and lack of color coordination. My art journaling style grew up with me. Now, it's all about layering with precise patterns and an appropriate color palette

- Is there a particular time of the day that you find yourself being more creative?
I am all active in late-afternoons, right before the golden hour. It's the perfect time to brainstorm while watching the sunshine silently going away, making everything more poetic than it actually is.

- Do you carry your art journal around with you, or does it remain safe at home?
I carry my journal and supplies everywhere with me, like everywhere. My backpack is always so stuffed with art supplies and files that contain cut-outs from mags, crumpled papers, and other sheets i use in my journals. I can make a journal entry anywhere. Whenever I am traveling or not at home, I take some time out and do an entry; it has almost become a daily ritual I cannot live without.

- Do you keep a writing journal for just personal thoughts as well?
Yes!!! However, I don't write too much in it. My personal journal is to keep the thoughts my head buzzes with at the end of the day. I wish I could start a daily journal too, for recording the events happening everyday. I just A D O R E  the idea of it.

- What are some of your favorite or go-to art supplies?
Poster paints, sharpies, water colors, acrylic brushes, brown paper, old rusty book pages, and magazine cut outs are my must-haves. I keep experimenting with new supplies but they've been my constant tools for so long.

- Your favorite color?
I love different shades of blues. It even surprises me because blue was never one of my favorite colors growing up. But whenever I would pick up my palette, i would always end up choosing blue, somehow. There's something so accepting and calming about this color. It's easy to mix with other colors and gives away strong vibes of contentedness.

- Favorite food?
I am a big fan of local Pakistani food. Biryani is one famous dish from this region and i have been in love with it for as long as I can remember. it's cooked with rice, meat, and lots of spice. Almost every family here has a different recipe to prepare it. But they all have one thing in common: love for biryani.

- What advice, tip, or suggestion would you give to anyone looking to start their own art journaling journey?
Experiment, stay consistent, repeat. Honestly, art journaling isn't limited to a single style or layout. It's way too diverse and everyone comes up with their own unique idea of getting it done. First rule of starting an art journal is: NO RULE AT ALL. Start your journal and keep working on it until you find a style that screams your name.

- Other than creative art journaling, what are some of your other hobbies and interests?
I write poetry, run a blog, and actively make social media content. I grew up on the internet (no joke, late 90's kid perks) so most of my work is from/about the internet. i am an avid reader too and my goodreads' challenge for 2016 is to finish 40 books (i am at 35 # YAY). When I am not blogging or using instagram, I am making YouTube videos. I also have a series of videos on Instagram called 'visual storytelling' that's a mix of aesthetically pleasing videography + spoken words. It's good stuff.


Thank you so much, Noor, for sharing your creative art journalings with us here on Seaweed Kisses! 
And for all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can find more of Noor's journalings and writings here:
INSTAGRAM: @noor_unnahar
YOUTUBE: Noor Unnahar

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  1. Y A Y !!!!!! thank you so much for this, Michelle <3

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. It was such a pleasure, Noor! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journalings with us!


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