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This Amazing Flow Book For Paper Lovers 4!

This book..... This Flow Book For Paper Lovers is amazing!

If you live in the US and have a Barnes and Noble Bookstore near you, go there as soon as possible and check out this fun book!

The day after Christmas I went to the bookstore to redeem a Gift Card, and I was so lucky to come across this Flow Book within the magazine section.

I probably spent a good 10 minutes just sitting there in the store flipping through each and every page admiring every little detail. 

This bundle of joy had to be mine. It's the perfect book for any paper lover/crafter/scrapbooker/artist/stationery collector, etc.

This Flow Book For Paper Lovers includes so many wonderful paper goods such as postcards, stickers, cutouts, labels, and more!

Oh gosh. Just look how nice and thick this book is! All these beautiful pages just waiting to be used...

You just have to see this for yourself!

If you don't have a bookstore near you that carries the Flow Magazine or book, no worries. You can purchase the Flow Book For Paper Lovers 4 through Amazon here, or through the Flow Magazine website here. (The Barnes and Noble website carried these here as well but are currently out of stock.)

If you're curious to see the individual pages, like I was, I posted a video on this book that you can watch here. And yes, I practically cover each and every page. It'll definitely be a treat for your eyes and for your crafty spirit. Believe me.

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  1. Wow this is so cute! I have to pick one of these up. Thank you for the review.


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