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Traveler's Notebook Announcement- The Olive Edition

Today the Traveler's Company just released their announcement of their newest limited color for 2017- the Olive Edition.

Is anyone just as excited about this as I am?? Anyone? Anyone? 

Did I ever tell you that olive green is actually one of my favorite colors, along with jade, mustard and turquoise? Yup, it is. So you know that I'll be getting my hands on this baby as soon as it's released. (Be sure you're subscribed to my youtube channel as that's most likely where I'll be sharing my unboxing video, just like how I did for the camel edition.)

The official release date is scheduled for end of March in Japan, and sometime in April for countries outside of Japan.

Check out the official Traveler's Company website here for more details and images.

Now if only the time could pass by sooner...

What do you think of the Olive Edition? Ya or nay?

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  1. yes michelle...i am very excited. now i am trying to figure out where i can get one for myself.....any idea?

    1. Hi Katherine! The Olive Edition isn't out yet, but I'll be keeping my eye out...I know Baum-Kuchen is taking preorders right now if you email them. You're thinking about getting a TN?

  2. I know...I wish it came out in the passport size, too..But, at least we'll have one style in this beautiful color.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I think it's great they are releasing new colours albeit in limited editions. But on the other hand, I don't find the olive green that appealing. I may have to see it in person to appreciate its olive-ness :-)
    P.S. - Sorry I deleted my comment the first time. I didn't realise the profile was tied to my Google account.

  5. This color is so gorgeous~ I really like uncommon color like this! Thank you for sharing!

    le lenny face


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