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Good Mail Days- Incoming from Germany

This lovely parcel from Anja in Germany arrived to me last month.

The neat thing about her package is that it had a winter theme to it.

Wrapped around the contents was this little ornament. How cute!

Tea, stamps, snowflake punch-outs, and a handmade garland to name just a few of the delightful little goods wrapped inside.

Thank you, oh so very much, Anja! I loved every single bit of your happy mail. How truly thoughtful of you!

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  1. This color is so gorgeous~ I really like uncommon color like this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Michelle, me again. As I said, just found your blog and I had to check this out because I LOVE snail mail. Are you part of a circle? Is it open to new members? I'd love to hear.


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