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Shopping at Kinokuniya

I'd have to say that Kinokuniya is one of my favorite stationery stores. Whenever I visit a new city, the first thing I look up is "Japanese Stationery stores near me." And if a Kinokuniya pops up, it's as if I struck gold!

A few weeks ago I visited San Jose, California and made my rounds to all of the favorite shops that I don't have here in Tucson, including Daiso and Muji.
Do you know how hard it was to walk out of these stores without burning a hole through the pockets? was pretty darn difficult. And the only reason I was able to maintain a strict stationery splurging budget was because I'm in the process of moving (again). The lease is up in a month, and it's time for a new change. (Crossing fingers for a nice spacious craft room!)

These beautiful Lamy Safari pens we're calling my name...but...I had to resiiiist. I can proudly say that I walked out of the Kinokuniya store with only three items in hand. (If you're subscribed to the Seaweed Kisses YouTube channel, you'll most likely see the reveal sooner than later).

Call me weird, but I was "this* tempted to ask the cashier if I could take these ink testing sheets with know, as a little souvenir for the art journal. I didn't, though. Too embarrassed.

Seeing all these stationery goods defintely got the creative juices flowing and mind turning. Over these past couple of days I've been working on a new planner layout, a new art journal, and zine #3.

With this new summer season brings new changes, and I'm so ready to explore the new and unknown!

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  1. OMG, I love hanging out in Daiso as well! Kinokuniya, I love their selection of imported books her in Indonesia. Also, the sushi socks, too cute, ak!

    filicia | The Tidbit Story

  2. Wow! I thought it's fake sushi made from cloth :o I always spend hours in Japanese stationery stores, everything is so cute.

    instagram viewer


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