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Sticky Notes Galore

There's no denying the fact that I have a problem with collecting too many post-it notes before using them all up. Yeeaahh. You could call me a major stationery hoarder.

 As a planner/journal/stationery lover, I'm sure you understand, though, right?

This year I even went as far as to add a few Hobonichi designs to the collection. These shapes and patterns were just so unique and eye-catching to pass up. Wouldn't you agree?

If you're subscribed to the Seaweed Kisses YouTube channel, you may have already seen my hidden desk stash here. Before I move this summer, I pledge to reduce the number of sticky pads by half...So, I've been taking post-its to work, adding some within my planner, sharing them with coworkers, etc.

Yup...I probably have every color from the Post-it brand. And I probably should stop walking through that aisle every time I'm at OfficeMax from now one.


  1. I have the same problem. I've also taken some of my stash to work and will give some away to friends. I still have quite the collection though and I try to vow to not get more, but I too find myself walking down the post-it aisle. Every. Time. Lol. Where are you moving to? Out of Arizona?!

  2. Sorry - just realized I posted as "unknown". I don't have a blog, so I guess it didn't know who I was :) I follow you on YouTube and Instagram. Love your content! Thanks for sharing! - Sara (pinkfootedgull on IG - I'm new there)

  3. Well, at least you admit it. ;-) I love those odd shaped ones <3


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