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Goodbye Arizona, Hello California!

It's been a pleasure living in the sunny Arizona state for over 15 years now. But times are changing, and so is my home base.

As of this month, I'm officially a Californian!

Never would I have thought that I'd be able to live in this beautiful state at this point in my life, but I am so happy and grateful that I am! So many places to see, restaurants to try and fun stationery stores to visit!

Speaking of stationery, I'd say that I've had no problems getting settled in and acquainted with the stationery shops in the bay area. I've already visited my local Maido stationery store three times this month, along with Daiso. I've also treated myself to a new fountain pen! Can you believe it? Yup, finally. Treating myself well. (Be sure to check out the Seaweed Kisses YouTube channel on my new fountain pen unboxing video.)

On the SK channel I also share my thoughts on this new Stalogy 365 Notebook that I recently picked up. It pairs well with the A6 Hobonichi covers, or Gillio A6 Appuntos. What do you think?

Are you on Instagram, by the way? If so, let's connect and be friends! That's where you can find most of my online presence and recent posts/planner pictures- @seaweedkisses

Speaking of friends, where are my California planner/stationery/pen lovers at? *raise your hands!* If you're located in the bay area (as I am located in San Jose), let me know! Wouldn't that be cool if we could get together over some coffee and chit-chat the day away over our planner & notebook obsession! Yes, yes!

Now I'm off to get my new desk area setup. IKEA has quickly become my second home over the past few weeks. But first, brunch at the delicious Bill's Cafe. Mmm, mmm. Can't wait!

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  1. Welcome to California! Maido is also my local stationery shop :) I also like Kinokuniya for all around Japanese stationery and products (I'm in LA). If you're ever in LA, give a shout!

  2. Ditto the above! I have lived here all of my life, traveled all over the state and still there are miles to go before I sleep. :-) Enjoy your new digs - I live in So Cal but love the Bay area. So interesting and diverse, weird and wonderful. Have fun - you will never run out of things to see and do!

  3. Welcome to San Jose, Michelle! I live in West SJ., almost Cupertino. Have been following your blog for awhile and like it very much! I love reading about Planners and traveler's notebooks.
    I'm endlessly entertained by what people write, how they organize, how they decorate, supplies used, etc. etc. Would love to meet for coffee/lunch sometime! I think you'll like our area.
    Best wishes from Diana

  4. I moved the the Bay Area less than a year ago and I’m really liking it here so far! I would totally be up for a stationary lovers get together!

  5. I hope you will like your new home! :) I heard that California is amazing.

  6. Nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing


  7. Welcome to California!
    I am also in Bay Area maybe we can schedule a stationary get together ��

  8. If you are interested in March there will be second Planner Con here :)


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