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Thursday, May 28, 2015

When traveling I try to keep my toiletries and makeup to a bare minimum. In the past I've had tendencies to overpack and throw just about anything in the suitcase for those "just in case" moments, but not anymore. Throughout the years I've learned what works best, how much to bring, and what exactly is worth tugging along.

One thing has remained the same, though: my top must-have toiletries.

As soon as I begin to pack, I can guarantee you these items are coming along without having to think twice:

1.) Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap- This all natural and organic cleanser is my holy grail product! I swear this soap is magic. Ever since I came across this three years ago, I've never gone back to anything else. For some, the price may be a little high compared to the average body wash, but trust me. It's worth it. Just a little bit of this goes a long way, and it gets those underarms, feet, hair, and everything else smelling and feeling squeaky clean. (Psst..and for you ladies out there, this soap is great for washing yourself during that time of the month. Just saying. *wink*)

2.) Kenra Volume Hairspray- Nothing's worse than spritzing your ponytail or pretty curls only to find dried up hairspray flakes all over your head later on the day. It seems like I've tried every promising "no-flake" product on the shelf, and somehow, the white flakes still appear. Not with this, though. It has a strong hold, smells nice, and is easy to work with. Plus, this even comes in a travel size. Win!

3.) Jojoba Oil- This right here is my 3-in-1 facial product. It removes makeup, including stubborn mascara and eyeliner, cleans the face, and moisturizes the skin. During the evening, I even apply a little dab around the eye area to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

See more of my favorites in this video here (including my go-to makeup products). This is also the travel bag I use and the items I carry on.

What are your must have travel toiletries?

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

As of lately, I've been in high cleaning mood around the house. It could have something to do with this new spring season (or shall I say new summer season), or maybe due to the fact that I'm leaving on vacation soon, but I truly believe that after reading Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I came to a realization that I just had too much stuff that I no longer needed. This stuff was taking over a lot of my living space, although it was no longer serving me or my everyday life in anyway.

It was time to let it go. Let it all go.

And when I did, it felt so liberating!

You know what the best part is? Thinking back at all of the stuff I got rid of/donated/threw out, I can't even begin to tell you, or remember, what they were. It just goes to show that those "things" I was holding onto all this time obviously wasn't needed, and now my living space can breathe through the broken clutter.

A few weeks ago when I came across this book, it really inspired me to also keep my clothing items to a minimum, using only key staple pieces, and learning how to store them in a way that will keep them in regular rotation. Marie Kondo even makes underwear folding look like a work of art.

If you're in need of a little organization boost, I recommend you checking out this book.

Below are a few other books that I've truly enjoyed reading in that past 3 months as wekk. The newest book I just started on is The Girl On The Train. I'm only in the beginning parts, but so far, it's good!

What are your current reads?
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

One of my good friends is getting married this fall. It'll be a beautiful destination wedding, and guess who she had asked to design the invitations? Moi.

I was so honored and excited that she had asked me, I didn't know where to start! Luckily, my girlfriend already had the colors and theme picked out, she just needed that final touch to her imagined creation.

As you can see by these rubber stamps, the invitations were travel themed. Fun, right? Travel themed anything is my favorite!

Creating something so meaningful for a good friend was certainly another added highlight to this year. Plus, now I have (an excuse to keep) these awesome stamps, in which I've already started pressing away within the travel journal.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Listed in no particular order:

1.) notepad/pen/journal- because good ideas come at the most random moments.

2.) a good book- for those oh so lovely layovers.

3.) spare change of clothes- that 3 hour flight delay could turn into 12, or better yet, you miss the connecting flight due to some fog and have to wait until the next day for the next outgoing plane.

4.) tissues- sometimes the restrooms aren't always stocked with toilet paper, so better to be prepared.

5.) camera- is a must. My phone already has enough memory used up from taking pictures of random doodles and cute stationery products, so it's easier to keep vacation pictures and video footage separate by using a camera. Also, it's better to carry it on the plane rather than packing it within the suitcase, minimizing the risk of getting it squished and broken.

See more of the carry-on essentials mentioned in my video here.

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