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I do, I do- my new favorite Kdrama

 Here's my quick synopsis of this new love comedy- Ji-An (played by Kim Sun Ah) is a top shoe designer. She's strong, independent and knows what she wants in life. One day she meets this younger guy, Tae Gang, (played by Lee Jang Woo) and they wind up having a one-night stand. The guy later gets a job at her company and becomes the office assistant. Ji-An starts liking this doctor who once started out as a blind date set up through her parents. They slowly start getting closer and enjoying each other's company until Ji-An finds out she's pregnant knowing that the office assistant is the father. She then decides to break it off with the doctor, and that's where the story starts to get good. Does she decide to keep the baby? Will she go through with becoming a mother? Or will she stop at nothing to stay successful in her career? The story starts to unfold....

If you haven't watched it yet, you can start here

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