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Friday finds

 - I've been on the search for some cute stockings. Halloween's coming up and I need some costume ideas.
- Loving the new MAC poster in the department store.
- I bought 2 of these Pumpkin Pie Yankee Candles. One for the living room, the other for the office.
- I was *this* close to buying this MK handbag just for the simple fact that it was a nice leathery orange. Me and my orange phase, I tell ya. Plus, I've been looking for a matching bag to go with my wristlet.


  1. hey michelle, what are you doing for halloween this year?

  2. the tights are awesome :)
    Love Lois xxx

  3. I love funky tights! I got a skeleton pair last year, would be good for Halloween but we don't really celebrate it here.


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