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New month, new routines

This month has been starting off well for me. *knocking on wood* I just celebrated my birthday, met some great new friends, been keeping up with the office workload, and have a summer vacation date officially set! Things are looking good.

I even started some new routines that I've actually been sticking to:
- drinking green tea once a day
- started taking chia seeds along with my fish oil pills
- tried coconut oil as a DIY deep hair conditioner- love it. I apply it to my hair once a week now.
- weight training at least 3 times a week
- getting rid of clothes that haven't been worn all this year
- and preparing for the warmer weather!

Spring is due to come, and I am so ready!


  1. nice work - you've done so much! happy late birthday. i really need to get more consistent with my weight training and also clean out my super packed/messy closet too!

  2. Yay to new routines! I am so ready for spring. Can't wait!


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